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We know that grandparents everywhere are looking forward to spending quality time with their grandkids this summer. There are a ton of great activities to get you outside with your grandkids in Eastern Manitoba. Here’s a list of some of our favourite, educational wear-them-out destinations that will keep you smiling and the grandkids giggling all day long.

Visit the Interpretive Centers of Eastman

Take the grandkids out for a fun and educational adventure! Whether you want to learn about wildlife and habitats, plant life and ecosystems, or birds and fish, you can do just that at these Eastman interpretive and discovery centres.

By exploring the displays, talking with the staff, and taking a tour of the centres and sites, you can spend hours discovering fascinating details about nature. Many of the centres have trails, ponds, and wildlife right in their backyards, offering an opportunity to see everything you learned up close.

Discover the rare ecosystem at the Weston Family Tallgrass Prairie Interpretive Centre with over 1,000 species of birds, mammals, insects, grasses and wildflowers.

At the Tourond Creek Discovery Centre, you can discover the diversity of plants and animal species, take in the breathtaking sights of grassy meadows and trails, and check out the five micro-ecosystems throughout the centre.

Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre has been rehabilitating injured, sick and orphaned wildlife for their return to the wild since 1984. The volunteers provide a unique educational experience, teaching visitors how we can peacefully coexist with wildlife with the aid of wildlife ambassadors.

During your visit to the Bruce D. Farm and Food Discovery, you will learn how food is made in Canada through exciting and interactive exhibits. Learn about every aspect of food production from farming practices to retail sales, leading visitors from the farmer’s wheat field to the kitchen table.

Whichever centre you visit, you and your grandkids will love spending hours learning the ins and outs of their incredible operations while enjoying quality time together.

  • Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary – RM Reynolds
  • Bruce D. Farm and Food Discovery – Glenlea
  • Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre – Hadashville
  • Tourond Creek Discovery Centre – Hanover
  • Weston Family Tall Grass Prairie Interpretive Centre – Stuarburn
  • Whiteshell Fish Hatchery – Whiteshell Provincial Park
  • Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre (available by appointment) – Île des Chênes

Geocaching in Eastern MB

Who doesn’t love going on a treasure hunt? Geocaching provides a modern-day, outdoor twist to the ever-popular treasure hunt, but instead of using an old, tattered map with a big ‘X’ on it, you use GPS devices or Google Maps.

You can find caches all over Eastern Manitoba and in most of our Municipalities. All you need to do is go to, type in what community you want to explore and find the list of caches in that area. Once you have the latitude and longitude coordinates for the cache, you can set off with your GPS for your adventure.

In most caches, you will find a container that holds a prize. For some, you can even trade for the item inside with something of even or greater value. Most locations have a logbook, so you can mark down that you successfully found the geocache.

There are not many rules for geocaching, but there are a few so everyone can have a good time:

  • If you take the “prize” from the geocache, leave an item of equal or greater value. Please note: Some geocache finds are not meant to be taken or traded. Know the rules of the geocache before you head out.
  • Use the logbooks at geocache locations and on websites like or
  • Be thoughtful when posting photos! Don’t spoil the fun for other geocachers by posting every detail of the geocache location.
  • Dress appropriately. You’ll be spending your day in the elements and out in the wilderness, so wear the right shoes and pack extra layers.
  • Try to leave the location as you found it. Half the fun is searching for the geocache itself, so leave everything as you found it to not leave clues where it is.

You don’t need a lot when geocaching, but here are a few musts:

  • GPS/smartphone. This is essential for geocaching! Also, consider bringing extra batteries and/or a charger.
  • Bring SWAG (Stuff We All Get). If you plan on taking the item in the geocaching location, you must leave something of equal or greater value. But don’t worry! Just bring some fun knickknacks or toys to replace them.
  • Bring snacks and plenty of water.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Bug spray.
  • Proper outdoor gear.
  • TOTT (Tools of the Trade). Consider bringing along a flashlight or penlight, a mirror, magnet, and pocket knife.
  • First aid kit.

Check out the Farms

It’s time to head to the farm! In Eastern Manitoba, we have a lot of farms, and many of them want to welcome you. Whether it’s sheep, bees, cows, flowers, and everything else in between, your grandkids will love the farm experience.

Discover the importance of bees to our environment and how honey is made while tasting the delicious, organic difference. Learn how to care for farm animals, or book workshops during your visit to learn to craft with authentic materials. Get a walk-through of the process of making yarn and get up and close with those woolly animals. Roam the flower farms and experience the wonderful sights and delightful smells of fresh flowers while learning about dyes and the process of converting flowers into unique clothing.

The things to do and discover at any of these farms are endless. They provide amazing experiences and encounters that kids just can’t get enough of. Book your tour, workshop, or visit to explore these great farms.

  • 10 Acre Woods – Anola
  • 313 Farms – Anola
  • A Maze in Corn – St. Adolphe
  • Deer Meadow Farms – Springfield
  • Ferme Fiola Farm – St. Genevieve
  • The Good Place: Farm Rescue & Sanctuary – St. Genevieve
  • Green Pastures Farm – Gardenton
  • Haven Farms – Landmark
  • Hiebert Honey Farm – Hanover
  • J & A Farms – RM of Brokenhead
  • Long Way Homestead – St. Genevieve
  • Marg’s Organics Plus – Lorette
  • Masagana Flower Farm & Studio – La Broquerie
  • Peters’ Honey Farm – Kleefeld
  • Sweet Petals Farm – Grunthal
  • Yurkowski Family Farm – Beausejour

Local Hotspots

Local Hotspots