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7 Amazing Things to do in Lac du Bonnet this Year

Lac du Bonnet is a wonderful community, surrounded by hidden gems and adventures around every bend. Some of these gems are even well-kept secrets from the residents who call this four-season playground home. Whether you live here, are just passing through, or are joining the community for a weekend getaway, here are 7 amazing things to do in Lac du Bonnet this year.


Visit one of Lac du Bonnet’s Markets!

We all know about the fabulous weekly Farmer’s Market that happens in Lac du Bonnet every Saturday morning, but now LdB is home to two great places to find all your homemade goodies, farm-fresh produce, and handmade decor!

If you’re heading into Lac du Bonnet on Friday, then you’ll have to stop in to meet the vendors at the Pit Stop Produce Market new to Lac du Bonnet this year. Operated by a group of local farmers, woodworkers and bee farmers, you’ll find fresh farm eggs, produce, home decor, locally made furniture, honey and more. The market will be located on Pit Road, next to the Agassiz Provincial Forest entrance on Highway 317, and open to the public on Fridays throughout the summer months.

On Saturdays, swing into town and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the Lac du Bonnet Farmer’s Market featuring amazing vendors with irresistible homegrown, homemade and handcrafted goods. Here you’ll find fresh produce, farm-raised meats, homemade foods and unique handcrafted gifts. The market is located at 25 McArthur Avenue (the Community Centre Parking lot) and is open rain or shine, every Saturday from 10:00 to 1:00.


Discover how Lac du Bonnet helped shape the Province!

Set against the trees of the beautiful Halliday Park, the Lac du Bonnet Museum is another great destination to visit from May to September. Located within the beautifully restored handcrafted stacked log cabin built in 1935 by Hans Erickson for his daughter Linnea Tyndall, this is one stop you won’t want to drive by. The museum showcases our history, from our Indigenous roots to our early settlers. Vis­itors of all ages can immerse themselves in the interactive exhibits and get up close to the unique objects and photos that tell the exciting stories that shaped Lac du Bonnet and the province of Manitoba.

Discover the stories of those whose visions and ideas created the Lac du Bonnet area, and open the door to discovering the history of hydro dam construction, railways, aviation, timber brick, pulp, fishing, mining, tourism, hunting, trapping, forestry, and farming contributed to the development of the area. You’ll find the museum and all its historic treasures at the corner of highways 502 and 313, near the Winnipeg River Bridge.


Spend the Day Trout Fishing, Paddling, and Hiking at the Ponds!

Lac du Bonnet is home to one of the province’s best trout fishing locations, The Wildlife Ponds. Operated year-round by the Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association, this is the perfect location to hit up for some great fishing in the spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Stocked with rainbow, tiger, and brown trout, it is almost impossible not to catch a fish from one of the shoreside fishing locations, or from your ice shack. The Wildlife Association encourages ‘Catch and Release’ to ensure a high-quality angling experience for everyone, but if you’d like to snag one for dinner, rainbow trout may be taken. The Wildlife Association is hoping to develop some Master Angler size Tigers and Browns, so please let them go when you catch them.

The calm waters and beautiful scenery also make the ponds a gorgeous, safe destination for canoeing, kayaking or pedal boating. The ponds are a great place to enjoy nature and the wildlife that call this area of Lac du Bonnet home for paddlers of every skill level.

If you prefer enjoying nature on foot, then head off down the 1.2km interpretive walking trail. The ponds provide important habitats for a variety of waterfowl including migrating ducks and geese, as well as common loons, which you can find all summer. Redwing blackbirds frequently nest in the cattail vegetation along the edge of the ponds, and many other species of songbirds can be observed. The habitat surrounding the trail also includes many impressive flowering plants. Strawberries, raspberries, chokecherries and saskatoons provide a food source for the wildlife living in this area and are a tasty treat from the human visitors too.

If you’re set for a day of fishing, paddling, hiking, and relaxation, then don’t miss the Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Ponds, location on PTH 11 just 1.5 km North of the junction of PR 313.


Take in the Boreal Forest and Canadian Shield at Blueberry Rock!

Blueberry Rock Trail is a breathtaking mix of boreal forest, peaceful lakes, rock quarries and the amazing Canadi­an Shield. The trail is the perfect place to escape into nature for the day. With its peaceful setting, wildlife like bald eagles, great horned owls, and deer are common sites, and the view from the lookout tower is stunning no matter the time of day or year.

Open year-round, this 1.8km trail is great for people of all ages and hiking skill levels. When you enter through the entrance, you’ll wind through the boreal forest and climb gentle grades of granite outcroppings. If you’re worried about these minor climbs, you can enter the trail through the exit, where you’ll walk on a groomed trail, without having to deal with any type of granite inclines.

In July, Blueberry Rock is the perfect wildberry destination where you can pick pails of blueberries to share with the family, just make sure to be mindful of the wildlife, especially black bears, who also enjoy munching on these sweet treats.

Your time on the trail can be extended by enjoying the picnic area, outfitted with tables, fire pits, and firewood for your use. Blueberry Rock Trail is managed by the outstanding volunteers of the Lac du Bonnet Trails Association. Let’s all do our part to keep this trail looking beautiful for everyone. Please remember to take only pictures and to pack out what you pack in.

Blueberry Rock Trail is located on Blueberry Rock Drive, North off of PR 313, about 1km west of the Winnipeg River Bridge.


Spend the Day with Ponies, Horses, Drafts, and a Donkey at Ridge Creek Ranch!

Are you looking for your next horseback riding adventure? No problem! Visit Ridge Creek Ranch, where you can be a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy or girl!

While away the afternoon at Ridge Creek Ranch, nuzzling, grooming and riding horses and ponies. This inti­mate equine experience is perfect for small groups and ani­mal lovers of all ages. Get up close and personal with ponies, horses, and drafts as you learn about their quirky person­alities, similarities, differences, and jobs on the farm. Wrap up the afternoon with a guided riding lesson in the arena or pasture area, or enjoy a quiet wagon ride through the boreal forest on the ranch’s wagon trail.

If you’re looking for more adventures, why not sign up for riding lessons with Ridge Creek? Owner’s Mike and Nicole love sharing their passion for riding and horses with others and will take riding students as young as five and think that you’re never too old to learn how to enjoy spending time with these majestic animals.


Experience our Trails by Snowshoe or Ski!

Reclaim your winters by getting out to experience the tranquil, crisp blankets of snow that cover our forests and trails, transforming them into picturesque winter wonder­lands. Lac du Bonnet has a number of cross-country ski trails and snowshoe trails for you to enjoy all winter long. These activities have become so popular, that members of the community have even started making and grooming trails along the Winnipeg River for everyone to enjoy. These pop-up trails show up randomly through the winter, so you’ll have to check in and see where they are located this winter. No fear, Lac du Bonnet also offers two permanent cross-country ski trails and a snowshoe trail so you can plan your winter adventure.

The Agassiz Cross-country Skiing trail offers 11km of perfectly groomed skiing trails through the magical Agassiz Provincial Forest. Encounter gentle slopes, mild inclines, and plenty of level ground as you ski among the pines and spruce bogs while catching sight of the wildlife that calls this forest home. This trail is proudly brought to us by the wonderful volunteers of the Lac du Bonnet Cross-country Ski Club. The trails are located off highway 317 and provide ample parking space at the entrance to the Agassiz Provincial Forest.

New to Lac du Bonnet in the winter of 2020 is a dedicated cross-country skiing trail along the Bluewater South Trail, part of the Great Trail. Skiiers of all skill levels will enjoy the level ground encountering few slight inclines on this 10km, wonderfully groomed ski trail through the boreal forest. This trail is proudly brought to us by the Lac du Bonnet Trails Association and is located on Tower Road. The ski trail runs south from the parking lot.

Across the street, running north from Tower Road towards PR 313 you’ll find a wonderful snowshoe trail. Also, part of the Bluewater South Trail, snowshoeing through the boreal forest lets you discover this beautiful section of the Great Trail in an entirely new light. Covered with a thick blanket of snow to trek through, you’ll be delighted by the boreal forest, frozen bogs and treetop view from the top of the snow-covered granite outcropping.


Discover the Natural Beauty and History of Old Pinawa Dam!

A visit to Lac du Bonnet would not be complete without spending some time at Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park. Don’t let the name fool you; this park, more commonly referred to as ‘Old Pinawa Dam,’ is located in the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet. The Dam is an important part of Manitoba’s history, as well as a gorgeous place to spend the day with your family.

The Pinawa Generating Station was Manitoba’s first year-round hydro generating plant and marked the beginning of hydroelectric development on the Winnipeg River. Pinawa Dam was developed in response to the demand for residential and commercial power and was crucial to the rapid growth of Winnipeg in the pre-war years. The station began delivering power in 1906 and was closed in 1951 to allow the full flow of the Winnipeg River to serve the Seven Sisters Hydro Station built downstream.

The 193-hectare park lies on the edge of the Canadian Shield along the Pinawa Channel and Winnipeg River system, providing a natural, beautiful landscape to explore all year long. Designated as a Provincial Park in 1985, visitors can enjoy many unique experiences at the Dam. Learn how electricity is generated along the Dam Ruins Walk. Enjoy a picnic in the picnic area, complete with fire pits. Take a dip in the cool waters. Be captivated by the waterfront views, rapids, and waterfalls. Learn about the original townsite of Pinawa as you walk along the Old-Pinawa self-guided trail. Appreciate the unique photographic challenges and be prepared to snap lots of photos of white-tailed deer, black bears, and other wildlife near the water’s edge. And last but not least, be swept away by the breathtaking views of the beautiful Canadian Shield outcroppings as you enjoy walking through the park or hitting the portion of the Great Trail that runs through Old Pinawa Dam. Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park is located northeast of the Town of Lac du Bonnet on PR 520.

With activities to suit any style, age and more, it is no wonder people come for the weekend and stay for life in Lac du Bonnet’s four-season playground. Find out where you can begin basking in the natural beauty of Lac Du Bonnet and its peaceful lakes, breathtaking forests, wildlife, and the amazing Canadian Shield by visiting or find #LacDuBonnet on the Driftscape App.

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