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The Eastman region provides an endless supply of amazing adventures, challenges and fun for the entire family. We created a list of 52 things to do all across the Eastman region that will allow you to immerse yourself in our culture and heritage, discover our thrilling adventures, and lead you to peaceful enjoyment.

No matter how you take your adventure, we’ve got it here in the Eastman. Welcome to our home, we hope you enjoy your time with us!

May to September

1. Paddle Tulabi Falls – Nopiming Provincial Park

In the Anishinaabe language, Nopiming means ‘Entrance to the Wilderness’, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. Enjoy Tulabi Falls‘ view while fishing, exploring the crystal-clear lakes in the area or paddling along one of two relaxing canoe routes.

2. Catch a Race at Victory Lane Speedway – St. Adolphe

Spend the night with the family enjoying the races at Central Canada’s largest oval dirt track. Previously known as the Red River Co-op Speedway, the track is now under new management! Let’s show these new owners some love.

3. Discover the Famous Caddy Lake Rock Tunnels – Caddy Lake

This amazing paddle route is a truly unique site because of the man-made tunnels blasted through the solid granite rock when the railways were put in to allow the natural flow of water for the Whiteshell river system. The shores of these lakes are lined with beautiful mature trees and provide many opportunities to observe Manitoba’s diverse wildlife coming down to the shore for a drink. It is not uncommon to see deer, fox, or eagles during your trip. For those who are paddling, this would make a perfect afternoon trip.

4. Be Amazed by the Perseid Meteor Showers – West Hawk Lake

One hundred fifty million years ago, West Hawk Lake was created by a meteor. The deepest lake in Manitoba and one of the deepest in North America, at 111.5 meters deep, is one of the best places to take in the Perseid Meteor Shower’s yearly display that happens in mid-August.

5. Feel the Power of Sacred Land Beneath You at Bannock Point Petroforms

This authentic Indigenous experience will touch upon all your senses as you walk, listen, smell and participate first-hand in a taste of Anishinaabe cultural traditions, teachings and stories. You will view Petroforms, ancient stone forms that have deep meaning and healing power to those who know how to read and work with them.

6. Search for Rare Birds and Insect Eating Plants at the Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trail – Brokenhead

As you go along the trail, listen to the birds and smell the cedar. Watch for rare plants such as wild orchids, insect-eating plants and mushrooms. This wetland is a sacred area used by the local Ojibway for over 300 years to sustain them and sacred ceremonies. Therefore, the trail’s theme was designed to highlight the significance of the historical, cultural connection between the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation (BON) and the Brokenhead Wetland.

7. Step back in Time at the Lac du Bonnet & District Museum – Lac du Bonnet

The Lac du Bonnet District Museum collects and preserves artifacts integral to the area’s history from prehistoric and early pioneer times to the industries which contributed to the region’s development through to the present. Enjoy exhibits and photo displays focusing on the local industries and people, including over twenty-seven nationalities who came together to establish the area known today, while exploring the museum building itself, which is a fully restored, hand-crafted, stacked log cabin.

8. Stop and smell the Lilies at the Beausejour Daylily Gardens – Beausejour

This unique site is a two-acre park with various stunning plant life like peonies, iris, and, of course, daylilies. The newest addition to the gardens is shrubs and fruit trees like haskaps, grapes, cherry, apricot, pear, and apple trees. The Daylily Gardens is the only official American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) display garden on the Canadian prairies, making the experience of visiting the gardens even more special as there is nothing else like it in the prairies!

9. Pick your tasty treat at Grunthal Berries – Grunthal

Spend an afternoon picking fresh strawberries and raspberries by the bucket at Grunthal Berries. Please don’t wait too long though, the crops are ready in July, and they get picked quickly.

10. Cook’s Creek Heritage Museum – Cook’s Creek

Situated in the oldest settlement of Galician people in Western Canada, Cook’s Creek Heritage Museum is housed in the old Roman Catholic Rectory of St. Michael’s Parish in Cooks Creek and was built in 1937. The early pioneers who settled in Cook’s Creek were from Eastern Poland, Western Ukraine and other Eastern European Slavic countries. This Manitoba Star Attraction features folk art, pioneer aged homes, a church, blacksmith shop, costumes, a barn, and a candle house. The museum offers an opportunity to bring back memories of the past and a chance for visitors to increase their love and knowledge of our Canadian history.

11. Cool off at Eastman’s newest attraction, Hoopla Island – Pinawa July and August

Unleash your inner child on the many jumps, slides, climbing walls, swimming, trampoline and more with your social bubble at Hoopla Island, new to Pinawa this year!

12. Add a little altitude to your summer with Adventure at Altitude – Beausejour April to September

Are you searching for a thrilling, heart-pounding adventure? Well, look no further. In the community of Beausejour, you will find Adventure at Altitude, a business that wants to give you an ultralight, hang glide, or flying boat adventure!

13. Experience the transformation at Niverville’s Wetlands – Niverville

Niverville’s Wetlands, part of their Green Initiatives, is not only great for the environment and first-of-its-kind project in Canada but is also a breathtaking experience. This multi-award-winning project offers an experience of beauty, education, and wonder as the decommissioned 12ha Lagoon System became a thriving wetland inspired by Native Plant Solutions.

14. Visit Manitoba’s oldest swinging cable bridge Senkiw Suspension Bridge – RM of Emerson-Franklin

Travel along the Crow Wing Trail to Manitoba’s oldest swinging cable bridge! Swing on just off of Highway #59 near Senkiw to find this little piece of historic treasure and also enjoy a great stroll through one section of the Crow Wing Trail.

15. Harvest Hazelnuts, berries and lobster mushrooms along the trails of Sunrise Corner

At various times during the spring and summer growing season, you can find many berries, mushrooms and plants for your enjoyment along the trails of Sunrise Corner. If you’re interested in learning more about foraging, consider taking a Prairie Shore Botanicals workshop.

16. Catch sight of the rare Least Bittern at the Rat River Wildlife Management Area – Rosa

The rare Least Bittern is often found here, for those who know how to look. It is a small, secretive member of the heron family. To catch sight of one, listen first for its call – coo-coo-coo, then scan the reeds. It is so well camouflaged that it is difficult to find even when you hear it call.

17. Rent a SUP or Kayak and discover a new water activity with Hillside Boards – Hillside Beach -May to September

Discover a new water activity by testing your skills with stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking. Hillside Boards can set you up with everything you need to get you started on the water.

18. Enjoy pelican watching at Whitemouth Falls – Whitemouth

Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park is a provincial park located where the Whitemouth River joins the Winnipeg River. It’s also a great location to enjoy pelican watching!

Snowflake Element

October to April

Snowflake Element

19. Harness the Adventure with a Winter Glamping Experience at Harness Adventure – Richer – December to April

Enjoy an evening dogsled ride and be delivered to the doorstep of your enchanting overnight accommodations. The winter wall tent is furnished with a 4-post Queen size bed, woodstove and loveseat! Relax and enjoy the magic of winter in cozy comfort. This is an experience like no other in Manitoba.

20. Hit the Slopes at Springhill Winter Park – Springfield

Enjoy the day skiing, snowboarding and tubing down the daily groomed hills at Springhill. The hill includes Manitoba’s top terrain park, a race run, and open areas for learning. Springhill has 100% snowmaking capability and daily grooming to ensure the best local snow conditions.

21. Learn how to ice fish with Prairie Gal Fishing – Balsam Bay

Get the girls together and get your fishing on! At Prairie Gal Fishing, women and novice anglers can learn the ropes of ice fishing in a safe, empowering, and warm environment!

22. Explore the winter trails by sleigh with Falcon Beach Ranch – Falcon Lake

Enjoy a 45-to-60-minute sleigh ride with their staff and some of their Belgian Draft horses. This is the perfect way to take in the forest winter wonderland that is Falcon Lake!

23. Test your maze skills at the World’s Largest Snow Maze – Amaze in Corn – St Adolphe – November to February

Visit the Guinness Book of World Records’ largest snow maze and see if you have what it takes to navigate your way through.

24. Trek through the bog on snowshoes – Cedar Bog Trail – Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

Trekking through Cedar Bog Trail via snowshoe is a must-do adventure! This 3.5 km loop trail is perfect for all skill levels and provides incredible sights. Along the trail, you will see Aspens, open grasslands, wildlife such as snowshoe hares, lynx, blue jays, black-billed magpies, white-tailed deer and many more. Of course, you will also see cedar bog! The impressive eastern white cedars are simply magnificent.

25. Enjoy the picturesque winter views at Pine Point Rapids – Whiteshell Provincial Park

At Pine Point Rapids, you can discover lots of potential photo-worthy things! With Canadian Shield, gorgeous forested sections, and even though it may be frozen, the Whiteshell River offers breathtaking sights.

26. Revisit Grand Beach this winter for a Geocache experience – Grand Beach Provincial Park

Grand Beach Provincial Park is loaded with caches! Find a parking spot and explore the boardwalk or some nearby trails to discover these caches. Head to this website –, or download the app on your smartphone to get started!

27. Hit the trails for a fat biking adventure on the Oak Ridge Trail in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

This 7-kilometre dedicated mountain bike trail in the southwest section of Bird’s Hills is perfect for your winter, and early spring fat biking experience as the trail is packed in winter and dries quickly in spring.

28. Lose your cabin fever this winter while skiing through Buffalo Point Resort

Buffalo Point has amazing groomed ski trails throughout their Premier Golf Course; there is also a snowshoe sign out available all winter. There is no need to slow down when the snow flies.

29. Create a snowmobile adventure with Trails and Food – Various

Head out to southern Manitoba on a snowmobile, stopping in to sample the amazing poutine at the Poutine Trail locations – we’re not sure if there could be anything more Manitoban than that!

30. Enjoy the four-legged sanctuary at Kismet Creek Farm -Steinbach

Kismet Creek Farms is a great place to go and learn about farm animals. While not a traditional petting zoo, many rescued animals (cattle, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and ducks) love people and will come to you for scratches and hugs.

31. Take your camping skills to the next level with Winter Camping at Birch Point Provincial Park

This little campground may be small but is super fun to visit. Enjoy the Lake of the Woods’ beautiful scenery under a fresh blanket of snow and enjoy ice fishing with the family on Buffalo Bay.

32. Enjoy an Ice Fishing Experience in Whiteshell with Barrier Bay Resort – Barrier Bay

Are you thinking of trying out ice fishing but don’t know where to start? Test it out with help from Barrier Bay Resort with the Ice fishing package. You’ll be provided with all the tools you need, plus they set it all up for you!

33. Winterize your family photos with these various Eastman destinations – Various

Family photos are a yearly undertaking for many families. Choose one of our spectacular snow-covered destinations and delight your family with winter wonderland family photos.

34. Learn to snowboard at Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes – Falcon Lake

Well known for their fabulous and fun-loving instructors, Falcon Ridge offers the perfect venue for all ages to learn the exciting sports of snowboarding. Get started on the right foot and book a lesson this winter!

35. Be dazzled by the Northern Lights in the Whiteshell – Various

There’s no denying the beauty, wonder and amazement of watching the Northern Lights dance across the night sky. Eastman’s Whiteshell area is the perfect place to catch the show.

Year Round

36. Unwind and take in the scenery of the St. Malo Shrine and Grotto – St. Malo

The St. Malo Shrine and Grotto is a reproduction of the Grotto in Lourdes, France. This excellent site is a hidden gem that will leave you awestruck by its sheer beauty.

37. Explore the ruins of the Dam that Powered Winnipeg at Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park – Lac du Bonnet

Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park was the first year-round hydroelectric generating station in Manitoba. It was built in 1906 in response to the demand for residential and commercial power and was crucial to Winnipeg’s rapid growth in the pre-war years.

38. Visit the Centre of Canada – Landmark

Your adventure won’t be complete without a visit to the Centre of Canada located in Eastern Manitoba. Hence the name, Landmark, it marks where East and West meet, creating the center of Canada – longitudinal 96° 48′ 35.

39. Feel like you’re on top of the world with a visit to Top of the World Trail – Falcon Lake

This 4-km hike leads to the highest elevation in the area and is a spectacular lookout above Falcon Lake. It returns on the same path. This intermediate hike takes one hour.

40. Dive into the history of the Winnipeg River Heritage Museum – St. Georges

From its historical and ancient beginnings to modern times, the Winnipeg River has played a significant part in the lives of the people who live near and travel along it.

41. Become an outdoors person with training from Wilderland – Various

Are you tired of living life indoors? Learn to hike, backpack, canoe, canoe trip, and more to get out and active no matter the season.

42. Explore our rich history and be inspired at the Mennonite Heritage Village – Steinbach

Explore a turn-of-the-century Russian Mennonite street village on the 40-acre site. Taste traditional Mennonite food at the museum’s Livery Barn Restaurant and explore a classic Mennonite house barn and a fully operational Dutch windmill during the summer season. View historic and heirloom treasures from Poland and Russia to Canada displayed in the permanent and Gerhard Ens galleries, and find that perfect souvenir at Village Books and Gifts, open year-round in the Village Centre.

43. Discover how sugar water is turned into sweet gold at the Musee St-Pierre-Jolys

Take the Maple Syrup Tour and gain an appreciation for the intricate and complex process that Armand Desharnais started back in 1986 of making one of Manitoba’s best-kept secrets. Guests will learn how to identify maple trees, hear the origin stories of how maple syrup was used in the Metis way of life, tapping tools and practices, and the different grades.

44. Take a selfie at Sturgeon Monument in Dominion City

The monument is in tribute to the largest sturgeon caught in Manitoba. It is an original size reproduction of Manitoba’s biggest sturgeon, weighing 406 pounds, measuring 15½ feet long, aged at 150 years, a female full of eggs caught in the Roseau River east of Dominion City by Sandy Waddell on 27 October 1903.

45. Enjoy walking the trails that connect wetlands to upland ecosystems and wildlife observation areas at Rosenthal Nature Park in Mitchell

If you are looking to indulge yourself in nature, the Rosenthal Nature Park is just the place to do it! Years ago, the Park was once the community of Rosenthal. Home to twenty-five families in the 1870s, not only is Rosenthal Park here to preserve the breathtaking beauty of nature, but also to preserve the history and artifacts on the site.

46. Learn a new skill with a Manitoba Metis Artisan at Borealis Beading in Ste. Genevieve

Borealis Beading provides you with a hands-on, creative learning experience where participants learn the art and skill of 2-Needle Beading, Finger Weaving, or Quilting, along with the cultural and historical significance to the Métis people, “The Flower Beadwork People.” Workshops are delivered in a style reflective of the traditional beading circle format where friends and family would meet to share stories and talk about their day while passing on the traditional art of beadwork.

47. Bring your group together for cultural workshop facilitation at Cedar Lake Ranch in Anola

Cedar Lake Ranch is a great place to bring youth, families, and staff away from the busy life of urban living, be with Mother Earth, and hear the wind through the trees leaving you in a state of tranquillity, calmness and peacefulness. This could be the perfect meeting place if your organization is looking to hold workshops, staff meetings, emergency preparedness drills, outdoor survival training, team-building exercises, or a group camping trip. Receive traditional teachings in one of the 22′ teepees or Traditional Teachings Lodge!

48. Immerse yourself in Indigenous Education and Wellness at Turtle Lodge

The Turtle Lodge is a place for sharing universal and ancient knowledge, a place for reconnecting ourselves to the Earth and Nature, and a place for sharing among people of all colours and nations. The Turtle Lodge offers Children, Youth, Adults and Elders the opportunity to come together in a sacred environment for Traditional teachings, Ceremony, Healing, and the sharing of the perspectives of the Original Peoples of Turtle Island on how to have a good and peaceful life.

49. Learn to grow and create with Green Pastures Farm Gardenton

Develop creative new skills with on-farm workshops on fiber handcrafting, food, and farming and be inspired to grow and create using local resources in your cooking, backyard farming, and handcrafting.

50. Visit the stunningly beautiful Cooks Creek Grotto in Cooks Creek

The Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Church Grotto and Cemetery is a visually stunning historical architecture piece in Eastern Manitoba. Construction began in 1930, and the church was consecrated 22 years later. The church is a nationally and provincially designated historic site.

51. Discover the magic of the Pennyweight Market in Beausejour

Return to your youthful ways and become a kid in a candy shop as you browse through the large candy island, bins of chocolates and a café devoted to ice cream treats. But that’s not all. Pennyweight is also known for its selection of Manitoba-made food and bulk products and home to many unique gift ideas crafted by local artisans.

52. Take a pottery class with Bridgehill Pottery in Woodmore

Bridgehill Pottery Workshop is dedicated to helping you develop your “voice” through design. With these three-hour sessions, learn about pottery and honing in on your creative side!

Local Hotspots

Local Hotspots