Experience the Arts, Culture, & History that Resides in the Eastman!

Don’t let our small towns fool you; Eastern Manitoba is bursting to its seams with Art, Culture, and History. From toe-tapping, groove-thang shaking music to the awe-inspiring painters, crafters, ceramicists, and drawers, you’ll discover a world of talented artists whose artworks will leave you speechless.

Our diverse culture will lead you to different walks of life and showcase the cultures that make up our gorgeous region. With deep roots from Francophone, Métis and Indigenous, Ukrainian, Mennonite, and more cultures, not only will you learn about these cultures and teachings, but also experience them firsthand.

If you are a history buff, then you’ll love Eastman. With a rich history in a variety of ways, you never know what intriguing fact, artifact, or story you’ll discover. From the first woman doctor in Manitoba servicing Whitemouth and area, historic buildings and sites showcasing events that shape Manitoba and Canada, to artifacts that intrigue the curious minds, you’ll be transported back in time when you visit Eastern Manitoba.

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